No job too big or too small

At Roman Scaffolding, we offer a variety of versatile and innovative scaffolding mobile towers that allow us to design and implement the best solution to support your project.

Our mobile access towers are extremely strong and stable and provide safe access to your project including quick and efficient routes between levels.

We are also able to build scaffolding platforms that can be used as viewing platforms or camera towers. These are not mobile but are of similar nature in size and footprint to our mobile towers and are a good alternative if you require the functionality of a mobile tower but don’t need it to move.

Whatever the size or scale of project, our Auckland based scaffolding mobile tower team are committed to meeting your timescales at affordable rates while allowing you to achieve great concrete results time after time.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can assist with mobile towers to ensure the best outcomes on your job.

We have a highly skilled workforce so take advantage of our specialist knowledge and talk to us today.


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